Foundations of Chiropractic Business & Team Management

A million dollar practice, that's the dream of every Chiropractor isn't it? It was my dream too and currently it is my reality. This can be your reality too. 

I have spent 18 years building my practice and have learned the key secrets to building a proper business structure, organizing the right meetings to excel my practice, having loyal staff through staff training, learned the best practices of a leader and most importantly, preventing burnout. 

It is very easy to become busy without being effective which leads to burnout, high staff turnover, dissatisfied clients and low sales. 

Currently, I only work a few days a week, have the practice I've always wanted, and have the time and energy to give my attention to my family. 

Learning my key secrets to a highly functional practice won't take you 18 years, but simply 8 weeks. 

This course includes:

  • 57 videos
  • 8 weeks of training
  • 30 downloads including templates
  • Practical applications

Embark on this journey with me as I teach you my key secrets to building your business like a Fortune 500 company and the practice of your dreams. 

Course Curriculum

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Hi, I’m Dr. John Lee

I struggled early in my chiropractic career. Knowing I had not reached my professional potential, I sought the expert advice of chiropractors. I now have a million dollar practice. I want to teach YOU what it takes to run your business like a Fortune 500 company and create the practice of your dreams.

In this eCourse, I will teach you my secrets to building a successful foundation for your business! I am looking forward to going on this journey with you.

Enroll Now and Run Your Business Like a Fortune 500 Company!

Joe Sas Testimonial

Dr. Joseph Sas has been using Alpha Omega Consulting to help grow his chiropractic business over recent years. Following Dr. Lee’s advice and wisdom has helped the business grow over 39% in the first year of working together, and it’s on track to grow another 25% this year. Along with the new growth, Dr. Lee has also helped him create more balance between his business and personal life. This healthy, new balance allows Dr. Sas to take more time off without worrying about the business while he’s away.

Jeremy Andrews Testimonial

Dr. Jeremy Andrews of West Chiropractic has been using Alpha Omega Consulting for the past six months, and Dr. Lee has already transformed his practice. With minimal investment along with Dr. Lee’s professional advice, the practice’s monthly collections have doubled, and the yearly collection is on track to doubling as well. Dr. Lee’s honest, straightforward coaching has reduced Dr. Andrews’ stress over his practice, improved his leadership skills, and provided him with more time to spend with his family.

Matt Richter Testimonial

Dr. Matthew Richter, owner of a chiropractic clinic in Corona, CA, has been using Dr. Lee’s Alpha Omega Consulting firm for a year and is beyond happy and satisfied with the results. Dr. Lee’s constant motivation and “Success Trinity” formula have been beneficial in finding and fixing the areas of his business that needed improvement. All numbers across the board have increased for the clinic, and the business continues to grow.

Dr. John lee does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn money with his ideas, resources, processes, procedures and tools. The success or failure of your company is determined solely by you and not Dr. John Lee. Results may vary.